Looks like the Christmas show is done for this year.

After testing the system after we got home from church today, it appears as though the two controllers that have been limping along for the last week or so finally gave up.  Sooooooo it looks like we are done for the Christmas season.  So we will send everything off to get fixed and if all goes as planned we will have our 4th of July show up and running this summer.  Stay tuned for updates on that!


We hope you all have a VERY Happy New Year!



Listen2thelights.com now has it’s own Facebook page. This is a great way for those who are interested to keep up to date on our light shows throughout the season. Just click the link below!



The Reason for the Season

It’s obvious that we LOVE Christmas.  We love Santa and the elves, we love Christmas Carols, we love the food and goodies, we love giving gifts and seeing friends and family! And it’s pretty obvious that we love Christmas lights!  But……with that being said we also try our best to remember the reason for the season. It something that is important to us and we wanted to incorporate that in to our light show.  This video shows how we tried to do just that!

Luke 2-11

Merry Christmas everyone!


Additional Update…..yes…we are up and running.

Well…..for the MOST part anyway.  What ever phantom electron that killed the show last night actually damaged three pieces of equipment.  After a day of trouble shooting and running around buying items to patch the system back together, it is all working except for one of our controllers.  What does that mean?  Well,  it means that there are a few features of our light show that should be blinking to the music…but wont be, they will just be static lights.  Regretfully these are not items that we can just go out and purchase at a local retailer.  The new items are being shipped but it’s very doubtful they will be here in time for this season.  But hey…..at least MOST of the show is working!  Thanks for understanding!

We’re Back In Business!!!

Despite a MAJOR crash in our system yesterday, the light show is BACK UP and RUNNING. We’re working diligently to complete some last minute details but we should be good to go right around 5:30 PM.  Thanks for your understanding and patience!